I am excited to be your new SDMTA Certification Chair. I have been a member of MTNA and SDMTA for about 25 years. Thanks to the help of Lucetta Johnson, I became certified in the 1990's and have found it to be very rewarding. As a result, I am able to network with other professionals and continue to grow in my knowledge of teaching. My students are very impressed when I tell them that I am nationally certified.

If you are interested in getting certified and would like more information, I would be happy to help. The certification process is easy and very fulfilling.

The MTNA and SDMTA programs exist to improve the level of professionalism in the field of music teaching. Certification validates an individual's qualifications as a music teacher by demonstrating to employers, clients, and peers that one has achieved a level of competency and knowledge within their chosen area. Certification also increases visibility, builds credibility to those inside and outside the field, and provides a goal for personal professional achievement. The South Dakota Certification program offers certificates comparable to the National certification plan and also some certificates unique to South Dakota. There are opportunities to obtain certification through academic work, experience, and testing. Renewals every five years encourage lifetime learning. Consider becoming certified to support the professionalism of our state organization and for your own personal growth.

Information about the MTNA Professional Certification Program can be found here

SDMTA Certification Handbook
SDMTA Certification Study Guide

Sue Winters,
Certification Chair